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Captain Vino  spent 35 years traveling from vineyard to vineyard, tasting samples, talking to winemakers, vineyard owners and their families, lecturing and teaching.  But mostly tasting.

From Bordeaux to Brisbane, from New York to New Zealand, from Washington State to Washington, D.C., and from Southern Missouri to South Africa, and most points in-between, wine tasting and wine education has been his chief endeavor.

Graduating from the Advanced Executive Sommelier course offered by the International Wine Guild, the Captain has made a once stuffy field of study fun and humerous and enjoyable to everyone.   After all, "if it ain't fun, it ain't worth it" said his grandfather.

Once described as "a dinosaur in a world of tattoos and pierced body parts", steeped in old fashioned values and traditions and courtesies, the Captain will introduce you to the world of wine in a fun and practical way.

Articles will be featured from the basic "Wine 101" to the more advanced, "How to buffalo the restaurant wine sommelier."

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